Choosing a Color Laser Printer

In this world, not a single printer that is made exactly the same, both specifications and technology, and also its purpose. There is a quick printer in print, but very wasteful of electrical power. However, there are also energy-efficient printer. In terms of price, increasingly affordable laser printers, although the price of its toner is sometimes not participate declined.
As an office worker, you will need this printer engine when creating a proposal or report. Color will be more attractive than the black and white. So what should be considered when buying a colour laser printer? Here are some considerations.

Before you buy any printer, count how many pages are printed once your office every month. After that, examine the engine speed and monthly duty cycle of the printer you are considering, to see whether the pattern of your life in accordance with printer’s capabilities. Printer engine speed, expressed in pages per minute tells how fast the printer is operating in ideal conditions (or even the special conditions created by its vendor).

Print Resolution
Actually should we fuss about optical resolution of a printer, exactly the number of dots per inch that can be printed? Probably not. Color laser printers that are cheaper also been showing off 600×600 dpi optical resolution, which is suitable for most business needs. Many vendors also implement special algorithms to emulate higher resolutions, such as Canon Laser Shot LBP 50550N/5050 offers a maximum resolution of 9600×600 dpi through techniques AIR (Auto Image Refinement). But if you do not really want the excellent print quality, ignore the higher resolution. Moreover, you must be prepared to wait longer to get a printout.

Color Accuracy
All are equipped with a color laser printer calibration feature to check the consistency of color. This for-20 from the mold to your brochure will be the same color as the first mold. The color is also determined by the toner that you use. Each vendor is always recommends using a toner printers with the same brand for color accuracy and permanence of the life of the printer. Though more widely available third-party toner is cheaper.

All printer users would want a rushed print speed and of course the excellent print quality. Print speed, particularly for printing in large quantities, is also influenced by the memory (RAM) from the printer itself. The higher memory offered in laser printers, usually the better.

Energy Efficient
In the global economic situation is still in shock, is also important to choose a laser printer that is not wasteful of electrical power.

Warranty and Other Features
Do not forget to ask for warranty card to the printer that you buy. Check the return policy also if the printer is damaged. Try to make a comparison table specification of a laser printer you want to buy. Do not forget to include also the unit price and the price of the printer toner. This is necessary so that you know what you can get from a particular brand and model, and whether it will meet your printing needs now and also in the future. No laser printers are made identical, so you really have to be very careful in making comparisons specifications and price.
Compatibility for example, need to be given special attention. All laser printers that have been circulating today is not problematic when dealing with computers that Microsoft Windows operating system. But check whether the laser printer is also compatible with other operating systems like Apple Macintosh and Linux.

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