Western Digital external hard drive- BIG capacity

Western Digital is one name that is already renowned in the world of manufacturing hard drives, and they release an external drive with the largest capacity currently is 2 TB. This new product is released under the brand MyBook for Mac, the hard drive has a design that is not much different from Western Digital MyBook series other. In any specification, no different from MyBook Essentials series is formatted for a PC. At first glance this device looks like a book that was made and shiny plastic. Series MyBook Mac edition is formatted for the Mac, using HFS + Journaled, which facilitates the use on Mac computers.

2TB capacity is claimed to be able to accommodate 500,000 songs in MP3 format, or 150 hours of digital video (DV). Connectivity provided is a USB 2.0 only. If you want FireWire connectivity, you must select a WD MyBook Studio which is more expensive. On the front there is the meter that shows HD capacity is filled and empty. There are also indicators for security (encryption and lock) as indicated by the lamp illustrated padlock / padlock. WD instill a partition called WD Smartware and work with software for Mac OS X with the same name. Although SmartWare have smart backup facilities of its own, but some users may choose to use Time Machine Mac OS default.

What about performance? To transfer files, classified as very fast, and speed ranges from 2o-25MB / s. However, the external drive with FireWire connection, usually we can get the numbers above 30MB / s, so the speed of the hard drive in it is actually quite limited to a USB 2.0 connection is MyBook 2.OTB owned by this. Heat and noise are minimal. Backup speed was much faster when done through software rather than through Smartware TimeMachine. This device is also compatible when combined with several popular hardware, such as a3 flatbed scanner, Automatic Document Feeder (ADF), etc.

In conclusion, the western digital external hard drive is suitable for you who love the convenience, and the readiness to use with no need to bother. But for professional users, we recommend the use of WD MyBook Studio which has a speed of FireWire to transfer more optimal

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